Come and Go as You Please

Learn about our assisted living center in Marlow, OK

If your family members are more mobile but just need assistance with a few daily tasks, we have a place that is perfect for them in Marlow, OK. Gregston's Nursing and Rehab has an assisted living center where residents can still maintain their day-to-day routine. They'll just have a helping hand if they need it. They can also enjoy leaving the property as often as they need, without help from our staff.

You can book a tour of our residential care facility when you call 580-658-2319 today.

What is the difference between a nursing home and an assisted living center?

Nursing homes and residential care facilities may seem like the same thing, but there are actually several differences. Our assisted living center is a little different from our nursing home because:

  • Residents get their own private home with a kitchen
  • It is less medical focused and doesn't have 24-hour monitoring
  • We offer more recreational and outdoor activities
While our residential care facility is a separate environment, our residents still get assistance with medications, housekeeping and laundry.